Wanted: Mentors!

Our project is slowly but steadily moving forward.  Are you an experienced start-up coach with an interest in social impact projects?  Available to coach by phone, review our team documents, and offer us tips?  Please contact Ruth at info@adopt-a-pot.com with a summary of your background and why you would like to support us.  Thank you! 

Gaining Momentum

While some entrepreneurs drop everything to run, run, run towards their vision, our team has been opting for the slow path while balancing full-time jobs, school, family and other commitments. But we're making progress and finding partners. Will be updating the interest survey soon and adding one just for potential partners.  A partner would be any small (or large!) business or community organization that might have physical space to host a plant adoption spot.  Send us a note if you're interested -- and would love to hear your own ideas and thoughts on plant adoption. Happy growing! 

Going for a Dream

What do we do when life needs a change and dreams refuse to wither and die? Pursue them! Attending the Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES2016.org) in June was a significant motivation for me to keep going.  Plants matter....and connecting people and plants matters to me.  Increasing our collective green can only be good.  So I put down my money and am participating in the 2016 Stanford Ignite program in Beijing this year.  Officially it starts in 11 days, but we've already got homework assignments.  I've spent hours that past 2 weeks on a steep learning curve for producing my first-ever 3-minute video, making use of iMovie and whatever other tips and resources I found along the way. This is entrepreneurship -- boot-strapping, learning, creating -- optimizing file sizes and attempting to tell a story.  It's hard, rewarding work and I'm ready to continue the start-up process. 


A nice thing about moving back and forth between my homes in the U.S. and in China is that I get to see how much my plants have grown in both locations! And it's a reason to splurge on new pots every so often -- to repot those that have outgrown their current britches. This ivy is something a co-worker gave me over 10 years ago....it's doing the best I've ever seen these days! And it gets to be the first to try out one of these FabricPot containers that use a breathable high-tech fabric that allows air and water vapor to penetrate. Now on sale on Sierra Trading Post

The Peace Lily

A peace lily plant is great for cleaning air as it has a high transpiration rate -- the natural process of water evaporating from a plant leaf, thereby moving and cooling the nearby air. Got this one yesterday from someone who cared for it well for a year, bringing it to a lovely bloom! In dry Beijing air, the peace lily can be vulnerable to bugs, so frequent misting and occasional washing of the leaves is recommended. 

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Street Plants

Not sure you can handle another plant dying? It's okay!  You can still add color and brighten a room with a handcrafted flower from one of Beijing's best street vendors this summer. If interested in making a connection, please write to us at info@adopt-a-pot.com. 

Little Garden

If you live in China and want to try growing a few flowers or plants from seed, these charming starter kits are fun -- and even if it doesn't grow, you can re-use the container for something else. Buy direct from Zakka Life


If your soil is clay-like, polluted or otherwise not likely to nourish  a plant, mix in some growstones. These potting essentials are 100% recycled glass and 100% American made. They aerate the soil without adding any new chemicals or toxins. The plant roots get more air and are less likely to drown in overwatered. 

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Plant Nanny

When you've enjoyed a good bottle of wine from a pretty blue or green bottle, give it a home in a  Plant Nanny!  Your plant will love the supply of water, and watch for a few splashes of color into the room when a sun ray hits the bottle just right.  These watering sticks are available direct from plantnannyinc.com or on Amazon.com



Self Watering Tray

Never quite sure how much or how little water to give a newly adopted plant?  This new root self-watering system takes away the mystery!  Simply keep the self-watering tray filled with water and the plant will naturally drink up what it needs, when it needs it.  This innovative, patented product is available exclusively from Easy Gardening Systems Inc. in Seattle, Washington.  Order directly from Easy Gardening at http://easy-gardening-systems-inc.myshopify.com