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What is Adopt-a-Pot?

Adopt-a-Pot is an international social venture start-up with a vision to bring more plants into more people’s lives.

With the Adopt-a-Pot mobile application, plant lovers can easily give or adopt, swap, and sell or buy plants.

Additional features will include:

  • Visual recognition functions to identify common houseplants, initially focusing on 10 species that are good for cleaning the air
  • Geolocation features to help identify available plants located near your home or workplace. 
  • A "Clean Air Champion"  score for your home or workplace, with points earned each time you adopt, give, swap, or buy one of the 10 air-cleaning species. 

The mobile application will also provide Healthy Workplace and Healthy Home plant subscription programs, enabling you to receive new plants on a regular basis and easily increase your overall plant population.

With launch activities in Beijing, China, and Seattle, Washington (U.S.A.), the team also envisions plant adoption & exchange events in partnership with local small businesses, farmers markets, and plant shops.

Adopt-a-Pot is the vision of Ruth Becke, from the Seattle, Washington, area. She has been living and working in Beijing, China, since 2013 and has learned first-hand the value of acquiring houseplants in challenging urban living environments. 

An entrepreneur participant in in Silicon Valley, Ruth is seeking team members, funders, and volunteers to make grassroots plant adoption, exchange and selling an easy reality for urbanites worldwide. Join in today to connect plants and plant lovers for a greener, cleaner world.